One moment

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You won't have much time.

All you have is a moment...

So little time to connect.

But that moment can change the game.

One brief moment might be all you get...

but one spark can kindle a flame.

Or you might capture them with that moment...

and keep them engaged until the job is done.

Then again maybe nothing changes.

An interaction with no response.

A random collision, and you both wander away.

 This is how biology happens.

Cells, proteins, DNA, and other molecules crashing into one another... Sometimes they stick, others they don't.But what happens in those moments can change the system - upset or restore balance, redirect outcomes.


Human interactions are not so different. Connections are made in moments.

Or not.


Whatever happens in that moment defines what happens in the next.

In biology, transient interactions are destined for specific outcomes. Factors may change them - promote their initiation, amplify their output, prolong their existence - but even the tweaks are hardwired.


What if you could influence that moment?

Human interactions are not so deterministic. For that, we may be grateful.

Or perhaps wistful.


What if you had the potential to shape what happens in the next?

From random encounters in a crowd to introductions by colleagues to the opening lines of a narrative, every connection begins with one moment.


What if you could extend your influence?

We have opportunities to connect with people at every level, to share the import and intrigue of science (or anything else).


All you have is a moment.

But if we want them to be engaged, to stay for the end of the story, to return for more, that first moment can make all the difference.


What happens in yours?

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