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First off... holy wow. It's been nearly a year since I posted here. It probably goes without saying, that was not the plan. The past year has brought many changes and the next holds the promise of some more. Hopefully finding more time to post in these circles will be among them. Now. Onto business! I'm planning an event for my local postdoc association where I'll be introducing postdocs to social media use for scientists. I'm a big proponent of using online platforms for collaboration, outreach, and networking. But I'm curious: Where are scientists connecting online? I hope you'll take a few moments to fill out a quick survey. View Survey Comments are open for pontification on the subject. I would especially love to hear about interesting or clever ways scientists are using different digital resources in their research and their careers!

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  • Robert H. Woodman says:

    Great survey! Thanks for creating it.

    I use Twitter, LinkedIn, and ResearchGate to find interesting papers and news items relevant to my work. With ResearchGate, I like the fact that if an author of a paper in which I'm interested is a member of the site, I can contact him or her and discuss the paper and perhaps even snag a copy of it. This has helped me immensely in some of the research I'm doing currently. LinkedIn provides a similar benefit, though I've found fewer people (proportionately) on LinkedIn who are actively engaged in bench science. That may, however, just be my personal experience.

    LabRoots seemed as if it had promise at one time, but now it's just another email in my inbox. I had hopes for Google+ also at one time, but it's becoming a not-so-successful version of Facebook.

    I've also had some great conversations and debates with scientists and non-scientists on Twitter. I rarely leave a conversation without having learned something useful, even if I don't agree with everyone in the conversation. There are some really great people on Twitter who have helped me professionally, whether they know it or not!

    Because of my personal Twitter experience, I am now effectively managing my company's Twitter account and blogging for my company. I had hopes of starting a personal blog, but that's been put on the back burner for now as I have so many other commitments.

    • biochembelle says:

      I feel like I'm still trying to figure out how to use LinkedIn properly. It's a very passive network for me.

      The interesting things I'm seeing for science/scientists on G+ are Hangouts - e.g. Pub-style Science and ASBMB Journal Club.

  • I found it hard to figure out if my pseudonymous blogging and tweeting is personal or professional because it's really both at the same time. It's like 50% useless chatter and 50% where I learn super important things about science, networking and career stuff.

    • biochembelle says:

      Same for me. I consider Twitter and blogging dual-use.

      Honestly, I think a tremendous amount of networking - online, under your "real" name or a pseudonym, and face-to-face - is mix of "useless chatter" and "important things". It's the nature of human connections.

  • RGW says:

    Not really using social media. Mainly eavesdropping via twitter. Needs time I'm unwilling to reallocate from other activities, includung playtime.

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